Monday, August 31, 2009

Dim sum in Seattle_星期日早上的飲茶

Dim Sun in Jade Garden in China Town

This is my first video with Canon 500D. First time shooting video with a DSLR CAMERA, which is new to me. Actually, I like shooting video more than photo now.

Edit the video with ZoomBrowser EX which is very limited and has some small problems when I was editing it.

Background Music:Mamadou Boutiquier



背景音樂:Mamadou Boutiquier

Click Here or Picture to See the Video 按這或是點圖片可以看影片

Thursday, August 20, 2009


Always work in this year, and didn't get much chance to draw and paint digitally.
This is one of the few digital paintings which I did in this year, and was glad to get in and had full page in this EXOTIQUE 5.

The Left upper is Kekai Kotaki's painting_Concept Artist Lead in GW Team.

由於工作,沒甚麼機會繪製數位插畫,這張是今年少數的作品之一,很高興的進了這集的EXOTIQUE 5. 左上角的是做激戰插畫設計的其中一員,叫Kekai Kotaki

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

幾張2004年的照片 Three pictures from 2004

I was managing some old photos, and saw these pictures which I like.

Kodak 14n是留最久的相機,也是最多問題的相機,不僅有在強光下會有紅暈,還有對某些鏡頭會產生左右色彩不均的問題.不過同時的,曝光良好的情況,照片品質大概是目前用過的相機裡成像最好的. 今天回頭看了2004年拍的照片,有一些比較喜歡的照片,挑了幾張放了上來.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Miniature 2009.07

I usually paint 16X20 for this type of subjects, and if I paint smaller, I only do head study. This is first time I paint figure in 9X12 canvas.
At begining, I just wanted to have fun but still end up trying hard to make it looks like something.