Friday, March 16, 2012

The End of Art Book Printing!? 印刷術的最後一天

03/16/2012 the highest quality LCD ever will get into many people's hand, and it is affordable.
News paper is fading away and we all know the reasons and the next is all the pictures based paints/books!
Technology is here, and it is the first time we can see such high quality replica painting on our hand and everyone seeing the same! Books/Printing will serves one purpose which is for collectors.

This may not happen in next year, but after 5 years we will see significant change, and next 15 we may not see the retail bookstores.

What does this mean to be an commercial artist? Is making more digital painting grantees for the future or people will appreciate traditional media more so Pencil Drawings/ Oil Paintings will be more valuable in next 10 years? 





這對於一個致力於商業藝術的人而言代表了些甚麼? 多專研數位創作可以保證未來?或是多使用傳統媒材? 因為在未來將不會有太多的傳統媒材創作所以會被收藏?

Technology and Art

I made another blog which is separated from the current blog.
On this blog I prefer post mostly art works and I will be posting the topics which I usually do not post here.
Here is the blog. 

Technology and Art

There are things technology helps and there are things do not get any benefit from it.
I have been dreaming about portable electronic devices which I can carry around and be able to paint/draw on it.

There are old ways I still do. Small blank notebooks is great.
But as my career develops more design oriented these few years, I realized being able to change dramatically on the same existing drawings/paintings is critical. Traditional media is missing that which make some these devices have chance to survive.

In 2011 Samsung release a 5 inch phone which equipped with Wacom pen.
Kodak stop making 120/220 or 35mm slides in 2012. They invented Digital Cameras and now they lost their market because of it. Nikon released 36Megapixel DSLR which reached Medium Format quality in the first time with affordable price in 2012.

Nicolai Fechin is one of my favorite artists and he talked about subjects changes by the time and the meaning of it fades but techniques remained there. We could put a question mark on it but we all know his paintings are hanging every where and people are still stunned in front of his paintings.



柯達發明了數位相機,在2012停止生產120/220 與135正片, 因為流失了他們主要的市場. Nikon在2012第一次推出了一般人可以負擔的中型底片品質的數位相機. 這些都改變著世界, 改變著創造藝術的形式.

Nicolai Fechin 費欽是我敬佩的一位畫家,他說過畫的主題內容會因時間而淡去,但技法不會. 這句話值得思考與懷疑, 但可以確信的, 當今他的畫在很多博物館都收藏著, 而且他的畫仍十分震撼!