Thursday, October 27, 2011

First Landscape Painting in North California

From this morning, spent around one hour and half, and was too cold. 11 inch by 14 inch.

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

ASUS EEE Note meets Auguste Rodin

This was done with Asus EEE Note EA800 which has 8 inch gray scale LCD, Linux based system , and Wacom Pen with pressure sensitivity.
Sadly, ASUS didn't continue to advance this product which I though has a lot of potential, and it only costs 230 US Dollars. Current version the hardware was great, but the software support is weak.

I did these drawings from last weekend when I visited Legion of Honor. They have some really good collections in the museum, and I found out Rodin has some of the best composition pieces in this museum.

Another painting session around Lake City way in Seattle

Gary Faigin is the Artistic Director and cofounder of the Gage Academy of Art, and he runs this sessions.
I paid 6 sessions and only went 3 times.

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Portrait Painting with Digital Media 2010.01

This is the 25 minutes sketch from the same session.

This is one of my early Paintings with digital medium from observation with life model.
Every time when I started with new subjects and new media, it always contains more energy and felt fresh. His name is Bob and he lives with her daughter in Seattle now. Later on, I invited him for another painting session.

Rembrandt van rijn

Currently there are not many good quality photos of Rembrandt's paintings online, and I felt these are good photos to share.

These photos were taken from MAT in 2010/05, and his paintings always make me stay here for a while, and his paintings shows the perfection of technique in the whole time.

This tree quarter lighting was what Rembrandt used for most of his portrait paintings, and how he handle the shadow is just amazing.

It is also fun to look at how artists today approach different types of portrait paintings like Lucian Freud, Chuck Close, and many others after seeing 400 years old master paintings.

Our Family Tree

This was one of my favorite exhibitions when I visit New York in Museum of Nature History in 2010/05. Look at how Human get here make me think about how Art evolve may be just like this.

Most of these species are extinct and only one-modern Home sapiens- ultimately survived.

Mt. Vernon 2010.04

There were tulip field in Mt Vernon but I found this place was nice, and stay there for this painting.
My favorite part was the upper right corner house and trees. They are fun to paint and fun to look at after I finished it.

Saturday, October 1, 2011