Thursday, May 8, 2008

For Freshman and for Myself_給新鮮人和自己的一封信

This road is never ending and with computer technology everything shifts even faster.

Honestly, I am not a very good concept artist but I do learn how to render a nice image.
It helps to create an beautiful image which is in our mind but how about if we don't have vivid images or great story in our mind. Ideas and fresh thinkings are very important.

Good life drawing will help a lot and it will shorten the learning curve. Reading a lot or go to different museums or study other artists' paintings, even their background. Keep yourself open to all different kinds of art ,understand yourself and make sure the artwork represents yourself.

This is a road not just to create but also to discovery yourself.




強而有力的人體描寫能力對於這行業幫助非常大,若說這行有個捷徑,那大量的人體寫生就是那捷徑.除此之外,世界上 各大美術館,或是優秀的古代大師都是很好的素材,都是值得研讀與研究的,不單單是他們的畫,他們的背景,創作動機都是很值得去了解的. 總是保持開放的心,去接受各種不同的表現媒材總是有幫助. 了解自己,並讓創作去說明自己.


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Anonymous said...

Good thoughts. Keep trying. Rendering provides a great tool to go further. You now have options to create whatever you want to express, be it realistic, surrealist, abstract, conceptual...etc.