Saturday, September 13, 2008

Color study in the front porch this afternoon.

Doing some color study and HDR study recently. This afternoon the lighting is really pretty and I knew that with camera can do great job for perspective and proportion but it is very hard to capture the color and lighting. I took picture first and use that as a guide and paint in photoshop with what I saw in the front porch.

今天下午那炙熱的陽光灑在陽台上,與常拜訪我們的紅領黑貓剛好構成一幅美景.相機要捕捉這樣的光線極度困難,更別想要呈現那氣氛,於是創作了這幅作品. 希望能抓住當時的感覺.

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OldMonkey老猴 said...

Lovely colors!