Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Flame Kirin:火麒麟

火麒麟 1.1版本





Flame Kirin:

Kirin is a mythical beast in Chinese culture.
The creature is supposed to be more like horse or deer body with scales and more than two horns but I want it to be more aggressive so I change the body type to be more strong with claw.
It also says the tail is more like bull's tail and can blow fire from the mouth.


Houston Hsieh said...

this is so coooool!!!

Henry Lane said...

this is an awesome pic, I had to do a report on one of these for a class I took a couple semesters ago and I wish i would have found this image then to show the class. I think it is pretty close to what know of the Kirin except for the what you changed, winch i think only adds to the image.