Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Photoshop V.S Oil Painting?

Photoshop V.S Oil Painting??

I did one in 2009 and even they were not great paintings but worth to think about it.
I did the digital paintings in one of the session and use it as an guide for the oil painting, and than bring the oil painting for the second session.

They all have their own characteristics.
I don't think it make a lot of sense to compare like this way but it may answer some of the questions which bother me or other artists for a long time.

The answer was if we like the feel of the oil painting, than go ahead to do an oil painting.
If we like the feel of Photoshop painting, than go ahead to do Photoshop painting.

As an artist today, I believe it is our job to figure what is the digital media means to us.


Luca said...

Nice post Jason, and beautiful paintings as well.

When I asked you wheather its digital or oils, is because the loosness of the brushwork can be quite confusing sometimes. Of course the decision is finally to the artist to which medium he works with. I love the feel of oil paints and the whole process of it, but also digital has its advantages. So its a mixture of both for me, but traditional comes before digital.

Sorry if I bothered you when I asked you that question.


Jason Juan said...

Thanks! Luca!
I believe this is that kind of question will happen again and again in the past and future.