Friday, March 16, 2012

The End of Art Book Printing!? 印刷術的最後一天

03/16/2012 the highest quality LCD ever will get into many people's hand, and it is affordable.
News paper is fading away and we all know the reasons and the next is all the pictures based paints/books!
Technology is here, and it is the first time we can see such high quality replica painting on our hand and everyone seeing the same! Books/Printing will serves one purpose which is for collectors.

This may not happen in next year, but after 5 years we will see significant change, and next 15 we may not see the retail bookstores.

What does this mean to be an commercial artist? Is making more digital painting grantees for the future or people will appreciate traditional media more so Pencil Drawings/ Oil Paintings will be more valuable in next 10 years? 





這對於一個致力於商業藝術的人而言代表了些甚麼? 多專研數位創作可以保證未來?或是多使用傳統媒材? 因為在未來將不會有太多的傳統媒材創作所以會被收藏?

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