Sunday, July 1, 2012

Cropped San Francisco

Few weeks ago, I took some pictures in San Francisco.
I took them because I like what I saw but the result is always far from what I expect.
The reason is clear. We only saw and remember things we want to see and everything else was ignored and photos are simply showing every little details which includes what we ignored.
I decide to take out what I do not want to see, and fill in with black, and now it is much closer to what I remember.



zen wang said...


Jason Juan said...

您好! 是的,正是這意思. 這邊呈現的方式與目的就是設法把照片和畫畫的距離拉近

zen wang said...


Anonymous said...

why are you so sure what you take out is what you don't expect to see? if we can choose what we want to hear and see, most fabulous moments will be missed in life.