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Yenju said...

jason... 你的封面的女生還未成年吧...ㄎㄎ... 看起來還好小喔:p
對了, 我有去看你們的那個sketchwich. 幾乎都是你po的耶~

Wei-Che(Jason) Juan said...

一切都是錯覺,那個Sketchwich我幾乎都當成我的Sketch Book了.

Jen said...

Hi Jason,
I've seen your work in Southwest Art Magazine. Please call me at the Waterhouse Gallery in Santa Barbara as I would like to speak to you about your work.
Thank you
Diane Waterhouse
Waterhouse Gallery
1114 State Street #9
Santa Barbara, CA 93l01

Patricia said...

Hi Jason,

I saw your article in Southwest Magazine and I was very impressed with your work. I would love to speak with you about exhibiting your work in my gallery.

I look forward to your response.

Best Regards,

Patricia Bowe
Addison Gallery

mike Larsen said...

Hi Jason,

I am a collector living in the wilds of SW Alaska in a small town called Dillingham. I noticed your beautiful painting in SW Art Magazine and would love to purchase something of yours. Can we talk sometime? I can be reached at 907-842-6739 and my email is Hope this little message catched you doing well and hope you can contact me when you have a minute. I sure would appreciate it. Best Wishes, Mike Larsen

leon weinstein said...

Hi Jason

I am with Weinstein Art Management, visit us at We are artists' reps and art distributors, working with galleries accress the US, and Japan. I would like to talk to you about possible cooperation. Let me know where I can call you. My email

Spencer said...

Hi there!
After looking at all the professional offers you have received, this might seem a bit unimportant to you, but I would really appreciate it if you could somehow make your close up of the nian into a wallpaper for my computer. I have nothing to pay with as I am young, but I really like that picture. If you can fulfill my request please e-mail me. Thank you!

Anonymous said...


I admire your artwork every day. I play Guild Wars and am greatful for the artists out there like you enhancing my experience.

Thank you.

Anonymous said...


I admire your artwork every day. I play Guild Wars and am greatful for the artists out there like you enhancing my experience.

Thank you.

Jason(Wei-Che) Juan said...

Hello! Spencer,

It will be cool to make a special version of nian for you but I don't have your E-mail address. Or you can E-mail me.
My E-mail is

jseverin said...

Hey Jason,
I was looking through your concept art for Arenanet. Awesome stuff. Then I realized that you were also in the Southwest art 21 under 31 as well. You're figurative work and paintings are superb. I also made it into that mag, but didn't realize there were other painters in there who were also concept artists. A nice surprise. Good luck with everything you're doing.

John Brassell

Michele Lee said...

I love your work. Your composition and the emotions that your paintings and drawing evoke are wonderful. Keep up the great work. You have really been given a gift in this life. I added your link to my "favorite artists" on my blog. I hope you do not mind.

Do you ever teach classes?

Fag-hat said...

Hi Jason,
Your work is really beautiful and inspiring to me in so many ways and really interesting to see you progression through the years. You mention on your page at Waterhouse Gallery that you learnt to use oils by yourself. What books did you use to help you get the knowledge and skills on using oils. The reason I am asking is that I need to expand my library as it is quite thin at its present size.

Jason Juan said...

Hey!Michele Lee,

I did one workshop this year and there may be a chance I will start to teach a drawing class this summer.


I put some photos of my book and have few list of some of my favorite books.

exe said...


Anonymous said...

Hi! It's Brittany from Kathryn's class and demo you did this morning. Just wanting to say again thank you for coming, and thanks for helping me with what to Thank Arena Net for looking at our portfolio's this wenesday.

Have a great day, Keep up the awesome work!

SunnyRay said...

Hi Jason, i admire your work so much, love the quick sketches and the oil paintings.

Arto Isotalo said...

Wow, stunning work! Your life drawing sketches are awesome.

HankLau said...

Hello, Jason 你的作品真的很棒.


Hank Liu