Thursday, June 18, 2009

人.藝術_Human and Art


當我們設法把所有精力發揮在這些工具,想去了解奇蹟,到頭來找尋的其實是人本身. 人的歷史裡重複的印證這些,但人總是得重複走過一樣的路去體驗,然後紀錄下來給下一代.

以上是看了Mark Rothko的畫和文字後的感想


Instruments, chess, books, paintings, brushes, internet, and computers are all bridges that connect the real feelings between humans. We spend all our life time to build these tools and enhance it. After all, it is not the things which touch us, it is the human itself moved us. The history constantly repeats this, and people could not feel until they go through it and than they wrote it down.

(draft in 2009.06.18 after reading Mark Rothko 's words)

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OldMonkey老猴 said...

Very true! At the end, it is the humanity that art reveals. Mark Rothko pursued the deepest level of humanity. He turned despair and took his own life. I think he is bipolar depression. Many creative artists and musicians have that dreadful disease of brain chemical imbalance.