Friday, June 12, 2009

InCG Magazine Interview_INCG雜誌訪問PDF

This is a Chinese Magazine in Taiwan and this interview is about How I merge traditional art and digital art. Now Computers are powerful enough to handle larger size of Canvas and 3D graphic technology is very powerful. The task for current artists in this industry is how to take advantage of the old masters and apply it to digital art.

從十年前開始,運用電腦繪畫如爆炸般的方式展開,這關鍵點也是電腦發展到可以實際運用的程度.如今從事這方面影像工作的人們,最重要的是學習古代大師的智慧進而運用到現代數位藝術上面. 然而現今3D電腦繪圖的發展相當驚人,運用的層面也越來越廣,善用和結合將會是未來需要面對的.


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